Glossary of
Coffee Terms

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Aged Coffee - Coffee that is stored for a year or more before roasting.

Arabica - the species of coffee bean used by most gourmet roasters. Arabica beans grow only at high altitudes and contain less caffeine than inferior robusta coffees. They are prized for the superior fragrance and flavor characteristics of the coffee they produce.

Barista - the "bartender" who works at the espresso machine to brew espresso and espresso-based beverages such as cappuccinos and lattes.

Bitter - a characteristic of over-extracted brews as well as over-roasted coffees, and those with various taste defects; it is a harsh, unpleasant taste detected towards the back of the tongue.

Blend - a coffee comprised of a mixture of two or more varietals, or straight coffees.

Caffeine - a naturally occurring stimulant found in coffees, teas, and some other plants.

Crema - the golden brown foam or cream on the surface of a properly brewed cup of espresso.

Cupping - a term used by coffee professionals to describe the activity of sipping brewed coffees to assess their qualities.

Decaffeination - a coffee with 97 percent or more of its naturally occurring caffeine removed is classified as decaffeinated.

Espresso - a blend of coffee beans typically roasted medium to dark; also, a beverage made by forcing hot water through a bed of finely ground and densely packed espresso coffee.

Estate Coffee - coffee produced by a single plantation.

Robusta Coffee - A low grade coffee used by most large commercial roasters. Less expensive than Arabica beans.

Varietal - a single or straight coffee from one region or country of origin.